Kvinna i grå kimono i lyocell





Get in bed with us and discover the Swedish art of self-care. 

Inspired by our love of nature and coziness (mysa), this set was designed to provide relaxation and comfort for your skin, body, mind, and soul. 

For your ultimate beauty sleep.


mysa  = to cuddle

{mee-sa} · Swedish

Your ultimate beauty sleep starts here.

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UFO™ 2 - a handheld spa that enhances your masking experience with cooling therapy, warming therapy, LED light therapy and T-Sonic™ massage

Call It A Night Mask - UFO-activated mask with ginseng and olive oil that deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin while you sleep

Bedding - silky soft, breathable and anti-bacterial lyocell bedding ensures a spotless sleep

Kimono - incredibly soft and elegant lyocell kimono with minimal cut for maximum comfort

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Kvinna i grå kimono i lyocell

Mask, heat, cooling, LED light, massage. In one and the same device.

UFO™ 2

It can be lovely to go to a spa. It can also be expensive and time-consuming. UFO™ 2 combines five of the most popular spa treatments in one device (thermotherapy, cryotherapy, LED lights...) and makes your skin rejuvenated and hydrated in minutes. Use with specially designed UFO™ activated masks or FOREO sheet masks to enjoy pre-programmed routines via the FOREO app.

Value SEK 3199

UFO™ 2 i sängkläder i lyocell
Call it a Night mask

Smart mask treatment for overnight nourishment

Call It A Night Mask x2

Get the ultimate beauty sleep with this revitalizing and nourishing facial treatment. It contains ginseng and olive oil and is perfect for all skin types - especially dry and tired skin. Specially designed to be used with FOREO's UFO™ devices, which push active ingredients deep into the skin - where they work best.

Value SEK 235

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