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How do I care for my Lyocell bedding?

Will the sheets really get clean at 30 degrees?

Are your products free from toxics and harmful chemicals?

Do your sheets have a thread count?

What's the difference between HIT THE HAY bed sheets and other brands?

Are your products suitable for people with skin problems/conditions, and infants?

Do Lyocell beddings shrink?

What dye do you use?

Are there any natural solutions for cleaning my beddings?

Orders & Delivery

Do you ship internationally?

How long does delivery take?

How much is delivery, and how do I track my order?

Will I be charged import duties for international orders?

What if I need to change my order?

What size should I get?

Return & Exchange

Who do I contact for assistance placing an order online?

What are payment options?

What are your return and exchange policy?

What if I am sent the wrong item?